Lasik Patient with Large Pupils Seeing Clearly with GVR Scleral Lens

This patient underwent LASIK surgery in 2012. Soon after he noticed that his vision was not clear but “soft” and not sharp. He also noticed reduced vision indoors and at night. When he returned to his LASIK surgeon he was told that he was reading the 20/20 line and that there was nothing wrong with his vision. When he visited our office recently, we noted that he had 8mm pupils which I feel should have disqualified him from being considered for LASIK. In addition, the LASIK treatment zone was decentered which increased the visual distortions he was encountering, especially indoors and in the evening. We provided GVR Scleral lenses to this patient recently. He is now seeing clearly (20/20) in each eye comfortably with all day wear.

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