Lasik and PRK Testimonials

Grateful patient from France

Je m’appelle Elisabeth et je vis en Floride. Je suis Strasbourgoise de naissance et je suis une patiente de Dr. Boshnick depuis 1994.
Dr. Boshnick est un excellent docteur qui exerce avec beaucoup d’empathie et de compassion et je suis honorée de l’avoir comme ami. Depuis quelques temps, je l’aide à faire des traductions pour ceux qui lui écrivent en francais. Nous en avons parlé et pour vous aider et faciliter les choses, je vous offre mon adresse email. Je suis pilote de ligne donc je ne pourrai pas répondre immédiatement mais je ferai de mon mieux. Si vous avez du mal à communiquer en anglais, je ferai la traduction dans les deux sens.
Dans l’espoir de pouvoir vous être utile. Sincèrement et cordialement,

Grateful patient from Barbados

Hi Dr. Boshnick, I just wanted to let you know that my family and I made it back home to Barbados safely. I cannot thank you enough for all that you’ve done for us. You’ve changed my life for the better and I will always be grateful. I’ve decided to start driving lessons soon, something I’ve had to abandon for five years. I’ll be sure to let you know what the outcome is. Please send my love and gratitude to the team they are all truly remarkable. You’re like one big family who has adopted me!? Sincerest Regards, Your Favorite Bajan

Suicidal patient helped by Scleral Lenses

I just want to thank you for all your help with my sister. The nightmare began on Dec 21, 2006 after she receivied bad Lasik surgery. My sister has Rheumatoid Arthritis and has also had RK surgery on her eyes but was approved for Lasik. The doctor told her she would be fine and all she may need was reading glasses. Well, that was not the case. Her vision was horrible. She was seeing blur, glare, starburst, halo and not to mention the distortion-multiple, triple images. She would see up to eight moons at night. She went from being a normal person to nothing. She could no longer read, drive, see to fix her hair or makeup, do much of anything. She could not escape this because it was all she could see. She also had to give up being the PTO President at her son’s school. This changed her life totally. She felt totally useless and was afraid to do anything because of how she was seeing. This affected her mind in such a way she no longer wanted to live. She could not go to her son’s football games at night because all the lighting, people, everything looked horrific. She decided it would be better to die than live this way. We, the family had to be with her 24 hrs a day to try and keep her from killing herself. She did not want to eat and begged us to leave and
let her die. She lost about 45 lbs and was nothing but skin and bones. We had her to the hospital several times for dehydration. She was also in and out of mental hospitals 5 times due to the impact this had on her mind. The family was devastated, we felt we had lost her, her husband did not have his wife, her son did not have his mother, our mother did not have her daughter and I had lost my sister. I had searched everywhere for help for her. We had took her to several eye doctors where she was told standard lens or glasses would not correct her vision. They also did not recommend any more invasive surgery and we knew physically or mentally she could not handle that. After much search on the internet I found a website with other poor people going through some of the same things. I found very many helpful people and also found out about two doctors who I thought could help my sister. One was in Ft. Lauderdale who I emailed that was very helpful and thought he may be able to help her with a Z wave lens. We got her there and he was great but the Z wave did not work for her due to her dry eye and it resting on her cornea. She was back home feeling even more hopeless and wanting to die and then back to the hospital. I had also emailed another doctor who is in Miami who thought he could help her with a Scleral lens. After getting out of the hosptial again after 6 weeks we got her to Miami where she met Dr. Edward Boshick. He has been wonderful from the start. He was very caring, undersanding and went out of his way to help her. He made her a Scleral lens which has changed her life. She can now function again and has her life back. We are ever so greatful the nightmare is over and to have her back thanks to the prayers and Dr. Edward Boshnick.

Patient from Winnipeg, Canada

The following testimonial was provided as a letter of thanks to an anonymous donor who paid for the cost of this patient’s scleral lenses

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you, it is with your support that I was able to be seen by Dr. Edward Boshnick. On July 14, 2011 I had made the mistake of having PRK surgery. Since that date till this past December it has been the most challenging part of my life. I couldn’t say which was worse, my pain or my vision. My quality of life was greatly compromised, I had to leave my government job for a retail minimum wage position. When I would go meet my child at her daycare, I was unable to recognize her among the other children. Now that I have been fitted with Scleral lenses by Dr. Boshnick I am able to see clearly. My pain has been reduced to a point where it’s much more manageable. It feels like a miracle, for the past few years it’s only in my dreams that I could see as clearly. Without exaggerating I feel like I have a second chance in life. I can’t thank you enough for your support, it honestly means the world to me and my family.

Patient from California

At the age of 40, I had LASIK surgery that resulted in nearly 20-20 vision, after wearing “coke bottle thick” glasses since the second grade. Unfortunately, after just a few years of good vision, my vision began to decline drastically, and I developed severe post-LASIK complications, including cornea thinning, severe dry eye syndrome, and astigmatism. My local ophthalmologist tried everything in his knowledge base to help me, including silicone plugs, and numerous eye medications, to no avail. My eye condition was so poor, I could not wear traditional contact lenses and regular glasses could no longer correct my vision adequately. Therefore, my only option was to wear glasses again, but at best, my vision with glasses was poor.

Fortunately, I was referred from California to Dr. Edward Boshnick in Florida. I traveled across the country to seek the care of this extraordinary specialist, who prescribed scleral lenses for me. I will never forget the day I wore the sclera lenses for the first time. That morning, I was looking out our 4th floor hotel window into a pond and my husband remarked about all the fish in the pond. Unfortunately, I could not see that far down, so there were no fish in my vision. We returned to the hotel later that afternoon, wearing my sclera lenses for the first time. I looked out our hotel window and to my delight I could see fish in the pond! Dr. Boshnick’s knowledge and expertise is that of a miracle worker. Dr. Boshnick restored my vision! I will forever be grateful to this outstanding doctor.

Pennie C. Rorex

Turlock, California

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