Many patients around the world suffer vision loss due to corneal disease, ocular trauma, corneal transplant surgery and refractive surgical procedures such as LASIK. Many of eyes that we see have very distorted and irregular ocular surfaces. Almost all of these patients due very well with scleral lenses. However, a few of the eyes
that we see have ocular surfaces that so distorted that conventionally designed scleral lenses will not fit these eyes. In cases like these we use a new scleral lens technology
known as the Eye Print Pro. This technology involves taking an impression of the ocular surface of the patient’s eye. This procedure is painless and lasts just a few minutes.
The impression taken is sent to a special laboratory where 3-D printing technology is used to make a lens where every defect or “hill and valley” of the ocular surface
is replicated onto the back surface of the Eye Print Pro Scleral lens. Comfort and vision are almost always excellent.