1992 was the year that we incorporated scleral lens technology into our specialty lens practice. I have always been interested in all types of contact lenses, designs and materials since I graduated from Optometry school. Working as an eye doctor (Captain) in the U.S. Army Medical Service Corp dramatically influenced me as to how I wanted to practice my profession once I left the military. During the war in Vietnam, I treated hundreds of our military suffering vision loss due to combat injuries with specialty contact lenses and many types of low vision aides.

Over the years the world of specialty contact and scleral lens technologies has evolved dramatically as have the diagnostic instruments, and computers that we use daily to help so many of our “high need” patients regain quality vision and ocular comfort once again. I have always considered our specialty contact and scleral lens practice as an early adapter to new technologies. It is for this reason and for our dedication to all of our very special patients that our scleral lens practice has become the largest and most innovative lens practice of its kind in North America and possibly the world.

For over 30 years our mission statement has been and always will be: “NO EFFORT WILL BE SPARED AND NO EXPENSE AVOIDED IN ORDER TO PROVIDE THE BEST CARE AVAILABLE TO OUR PATIENTS.”