This eye has an extremely rare congenital condition known as Peters’ Anomaly. The symptoms include a very dry, irregular neovascularized cornea. In addition, the cornea is extremely cloudy and there is no iris (no pupil). The visual acuity in this eye is less than 20/1000.

To maximize this patient’s vision, we ordered a soft lens that was opaque (black) with a clear 5 mm pupil. Over this soft lens we placed a GVR gas permeable scleral lens. With this soft-scleral lens combination, this eye can now see 20/200 which is a dramatic improvement over the vision had before visiting our office. The patient is able to wear this lens combination all day with excellent comfort. See below.

The flatter the cornea, the harder it is to fit with conventional lenses. In the picture below, the cornea is so flat that only a scleral lens will restore vision. A soft lens simply assumes the shape of the irregular cornea. Conventional rigid lenses slide off.