LASIK, then PRK, PTK, and Haze

The photos below are the right and left corneas of the same patient. The first photo shows the right cornea. Between 2007 and 2015 this patient underwent the following surgeries: Right Eye: 2 separate LASIK surgeries followed by PRK surgery and then PTK surgery. Left Eye: 2 separate LASIK surgeries followed by 1 PRK surgery. After the last PTK surgery on this patient’s right eye, the LASIK flap was either deliberately or accidentally amputated. In these photos note the scarring in the center of both corneas. Look closely at the photo of the right cornea. In addition to the scarring in the center of the right cornea you can see a cloudy haze extending around the entire periphery of this cornea. This is due to the amputation of the LASIK flap. The central corneal haze or scarring is due to the laser surgeries. This patient is legally blind in the right eye and has severely compromised vision in the left eye. For the past year this patient has had clear comfortable vision in both eyes with scleral lenses.

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