Selection of RK Eyes

Among the symptoms almost all of the post-RK patients have include some if not all of the following: fluctuating vision, dry eyes, ocular pain, poor night vision, inability to tolerate contact lenses, multiple pairs of eyeglasses to name just a few. There is no surgical procedure or medication that will undo the corneal damage created by this harmful surgery. There is only one technology that will allow a patient suffering loss of vision and ocular comfort due to RK surgery see clearly and comfortably once again. That is a well fit gas permeable scleral lens. There is no soft lens or hybrid lens that will do this as well as a scleral lens. There are a number of reasons why this is so which I can explain another time. The photos below are the eyes of different eyes that underwent RK surgery. Almost all of these corneas still have open incisions after all these years. All of the eyes in the photos below are now successfully wearing scleral lenses. Again, there are a number of reasons why a scleral lens will allow a patient with post-RK corneas to see clearly and comfortably again while soft, hybrid and conventional soft lenses cannot do this.

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