RK, infections, inflammations, glaucoma

About 30 years ago this eye underwent Radial Keratotomy (RK) surgery. This eye also has a history of infections and inflammations which were treated off and on for years with steroid eye drops. About 15 years after the RK surgery, this eye was diagnosed with glaucoma which could not be controlled well with medications. Several years ago in an effort to keep the intraocular pressure under control a glaucoma shunt was surgically implanted into this eye. As the years went by this eye became increasingly far sighted and astigmatic with unstable vision. This eye was recently fit with a scleral lens which is providing this patient with clear and stable vision. In the photo below, look carefully at 1:00 O’Clock and you can see the glaucoma shunt next to the edge of the scleral lens. The 2nd image was taken with OCT technology. In this image you can see the scleral lens vaulting over the cornea. Again, look carefully at the extreme right portion of this image and you can see an oval structure. This oval structure is a cross section of the glaucoma shunt.

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