RK, ALK, and Lasik Equals Dry, Painful, Irregular Cornea

This eye underwent 2 separate RK surgeries, 2 separate LASIK surgeries and 1 ALK procedure. This eye is extremely dry and distorted. In addition, for the last 6 months this patient has been experiencing extreme unrelenting pain in this eye which a variety of medications have not been able to address. In this photo the green-yellow radial lines represent the deep open RK incisions. Several curves green-yellow circular lines going around the periphery of the cornea are the open LASIK flaps. This patient and I are struggling to improve this situation to avoid corneal transplant surgery. Today this patient told me that she does not care about her vision any longer. She just wants the pain to go away. A number of highly trained eye specialists have been unable to help this patient. Sometimes I feel so helpless when faced with such an extremely damaged eye.

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