Refractive Surgery is Dangerous, Check out these Photos

Just in case there are new members to this group who have doubts about the risks and dangers of refractive eye surgeries please look carefully at the 10 photos presented below. These photos are of 10 different eyes that are severely damaged by these surgeries. Some of these eyes underwent RK (Radial Keratotomy) surgery, others underwent LASIK, PRK, CK, ALK or a combination of these surgeries. I took all of these photos and I can tell you that getting these patients to see once again with these damaged eyes was a time consuming and expensive process (or journey as I prefer to call it). The last photo shown below is of an eye that underwent LASIK surgery and developed a 360 degree retinal detachment several years later which created a completely blind eye. These photos were taken with different instuements and cameras which is why the images differ. A special dye was placed on these eyes before these images were taken in order to better highlight the damage to the ocular surface.

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