Radial Keratotomy, then Lasik, then Transplant, now 20/25 with GVR Scleral Lens

These are photos of the same eye. In 1993, this eye underwent Radial Keratotomy surgery for the elimination of myopia and astigmatism. When the vision in this eye began deteriorating several years later LASIK surgery was done. The LASIK surgery following the RK surgery turned out to be disastrous, visually for this patient. In 2010, corneal transplant surgery was done in an effort to restore vision. For 6 years, this eye was unable to tolerate any form of soft or rigid contact lens. This eye was recently fit with a gas permeable scleral lens which is now allowing this patient to see 20/25 with this eye. The photo below is a frontal view of the new scleral lens over the transplanted cornea. The 2nd photo is a profile view of the same transplanted cornea. The center of gravity of this cornea is so far out that it is not possible for any contact lens to remain stable on this eye. For this reason a well fit scleral lens can provide lens stability and ocular comfort while at the same time restoring excellent vision once again.

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