Radial Keratotomy Patient Advised to Seek Transplant now 20/20 in Each Eye with GVR Scleral Lens

This patient visited out office last year from Argentina. 25 years ago he underwent 2 separate Radial Keratotomy surgeries in each eye followed by LASIK surgery in each eye in 2002. Over the years his best corrected visual acuity deteriorated to less than 20/50 in each eye with eyeglasses and contact lenses. After being told that he needed bilateral corneal transplants, he decided to visit us for a 2nd opinion. If you look carefully at the photos placed here you will notice that the RK incisions never healed but remained open. In addition all of these elective surgeries left both corneas extremely distorted and very dry. 15 months ago we fit this patient with GVR Scleral lenses. These lenses act as new corneas and are providing this patient with stable, clear (20/20) vision in each eye with excellent all day comfort. In addition, because these lenses vault over the corneas and keep the corneas in a liquid environment, dry eyes are no longer an issue.

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