PRK, then Ectasia

This is the right and left eye of a patient that underwent photo refractive keratotomy (PRK) surgery about 8 years ago. Several years later the patient’s vision began to deteriorate. When he visited another corneal surgeon, a diagnosis of Corneal Ectasia was made. In an effort to improve his vision, this patient underwent Intacs surgery in both eyes. Intacs are plastic rings that are inserted into the cornea in an effort to make the cornea more spherical. These 2 surgeries resulted in 2 severely distorted corneas. We recently fit this patients eyes with scleral lenses. In these photos, a special dye was used to highlight the defects in the cornea. The “horseshoe” shaped structures are the plastic rings that were surgically inserted into the corneas. Note the green spots concentrated over these plastic rings. These represent dry areas along the corneal surface. I feel that this patient’s scleral lenses will create a corneal surface that will have a healthier and more moist appearance.

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