Post-Intacs and X-Linking Patient 20/20 with GVR Scleral Lens

This young man was diagnosed with an advanced case of keratoconus while in high school. After finding it difficult to function with eyeglasses and contact lenses he underwent Intacs surgery and Collagen Cross Linking. Intacs are small round plastic rings that surgically inserted into the cornea in an effort to make the cornea have a more rounded shape. The Collagen Cross Linking is done to strengthen the cornea and to prevent progression of the keratoconus. These two procedures were done about 4 years ago. Three years ago, we fit this patient with gas permeable GVR Scleral lenses which have allowed him to see 20/20 in each eye for the first time in many years. He is able to wear his GVR lenses all day comfortably. In addition, his vision is stable and his eyes have maintained their health since receiving his lenses.

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