Physician with Keratoconus from Chile Now 20/20 with Scleral Lenses

This patient is a physician with an advanced case of keratoconus who came to us from Santiago, Chile. Prior to coming here, her vision was so compromised that she found it extremely difficult to take care of her patients. Conventional contact lenses and eyeglasses did not provide her with the visual acuity she needed to do her job. In addition, all of her prior contact lenses were extremely uncomfortable. Last year we provided her with GVR Scleral lenses. She recently returned for her yearly examination. For the past year she has had clear, stable 20/20 vision and has been able to wear her lenses all day comfortably. Prior to coming here she was contemplating having corneal transplant surgery. Her corneas have been stable over the past year and she will never need to undergo corneal transplant surgery.

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