Patient who Traveled to Canada for PRK has Permanent Haze. Previously 20/20, now 20/30 with Haze

This is a photo of the left eye of a patient who went to Canada to have PRK done on this eye. This patient was told that there is a laser being used for PRK in Canada that is not yet approved by the FDA in the United States. This photo was taken about 1 year after the PRK was done. Look carefully at the cornea directly over the pupil. Note the grey- white haze. This is permanent and has reduced the best corrected visual acuity in this eye by 2 lines. In other words, before undergoing PRK this eye was correctable to 20/20. Now the best corrected visual acuity in this eye is 20/30. Of course the quality of the vision in this eye, even though it is 20/30 is not the same as it once was. One of the complications encountered with PRK is corneal haze.

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