Patient from the Persian Gulf Region

1st July 2018

Dear Dr. Boshnick,

I am writing this letter in appreciation to the treatment I received at your clinic.

During the course of my treatment over the 2 week period; you and your highly qualified and professional team managed to treat my excessive Keratoconus in the left eye improving my current vision of 20% to an improvement of vision of more than 80% (20/30 Vision), one can say that I was literally blind in the left eye and the eye was idle since my early 20’s as no type of lens would fit properly, now being 50 years old it has certainly changed my life significantly.

My left eye is having moderate Keratoconus with a vision of 80% due to use of my standard hard permeable lenses and with your fitting of a Scleral lens it improved my vision to more than 90%.

During the treatment the care and attention you provided went without being noticed to include the manner in which you critically analyzed the Kerataconus, your team left no stone unturned from informing me of the minuet pimple that was in the right eye to the score mark on the left eye, these were only revealed to me for the first time due to your vigilant and conscious nature during the assessment.

My travel from the Gulf region to attend your clinic covered 15,000 km which is a fair distance to travel for any type of treatment, it goes. without saying it was journey never to be forgotten and evidently improved my vision in many ways form having binocular vision, amazing comfort from the Scleral Lens, better night vision and making use of my left eye.

I would like to thank you for the support and your conscious care and attention every step of the way and would like to finally conclude that the high level of service received was second to none.

Thank you again.

Kind Regards.


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