Lasik, with HOAs and Deteriorating Vision, Vitrectomy, Cataract Surgery, now 20/20 in Each Eye

This patient, a psychologist and author, underwent LASIK surgery 16 years ago. Immediately after his surgery he experienced double vision along with blurred vision in his right eye. 3 months after his initial LASIK surgery, another LASIK procedure was done on both eyes which made the vision in his right eye worse and led to significant ocular pain due to the ocular surface in both eyes becoming dry. Over the years the vision in this patient’s left eye continued to deteriorate. To treat his dry eyes he used on a daily basis a variety of eye drops, eye covering masks, and a humidifier in his bedroom. About 4 years ago, during a crying episode over the death of a pet, this patient rubbed his eyes and immediately noticed “massive sheets of floaters” (a quote from patient) in both eyes but more noticeable in his right eye. The floaters were so pronounced that he could no longer perform his daily activities. 30 months ago this patient underwent a procedure known as a “vitrectomy” to remove the floaters in his right eye. This procedure involves the removal of the main interior gel within the eye known as the vitreous and replacing it with saline solution. 1 year later cataract surgery was performed on this patient’s right eye. This is because virtually every patient who undergoes vitrectomy surgery will develop a cataract within one year. We recently fit this patient with GVR Scleral lenses which are allowing this patient to see clearly and comfortably once again. With these lenses, this patient can see clearly (20/20 in each eye) with all day comfort and without any vision distortions such as halo’s and glare. The dry eye issues which are so common in post-LASIK eyes have been successfully addressed with these lenses. This is because the scleral lenses vault over the corneas and keep this patient’s eyes in a moist environment.

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