Lasik Ten Years Ago

This is a photo of an eye that underwent LASIK surgery about 10 years ago. 3 years later this eye developed post-LASIK corneal ectasia. In an effort to improve this condition, this patient went to Canada (about 4 years ago) for a PRK treatment (with a special laser) that was not available in the United States. This procedure created scarring on the corneal surface, a corneal haze, and no improvement as far as the ectasia was concerned. Look carefully and you can see the outline of the LASIK flap around the corneal periphery. The 2 white areas opposite the pupil and just below the pupil are scars created by the laser. Eyeglasses and conventional contact lenses cannot provide this patient with functional vision with this eye. The patient is now wearing a scleral lens over this cornea which is providing this patient with clear comfortable vision once again.

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