Lasik Ten Years ago, Followed by Ectasia. Treated with EyePrint Pro Scleral Lens

The photo below is of a patient having an impression made of the front surface of his eye so that he can have a custom made EyePrintPro scleral lens made. This patient underwent LASIK surgery about 10 years ago. Several years later he developed a condition known as post-LASIK corneal ectasia. This condition is characterized by a protruding, irregular dry cornea. This patient was unable to comfortably wear a conventional scleral lens and could not tolerate gas permeable contact lenses. In addition he did not have functional vision with eyeglasses. The EyePrintPro impression process captures precisely every detail of the entire ocular surface so that a scleral lens can be made using 3-D imaging technology. The Scleral lens made from this technology is very unique much like a finger print for each individual eye. Every “hill and valley” of his cornea is negatively imbedded into the back surface of the EyePrint Pro Scleral lens. This patient received his new EyePrintPro Scleral lenses this morning. His visual acuity is now 20/15. To quote this patient ” I don’t think that I have ever seen this clearly”. The 2nd photo shows me with my patient after receiving his new scleral lenses. The last photo shows the EyePrintPro Scleral lens on his right eye. This unique lens replaces the irregular cornea as a optical surface. In addition, to address the dry eye issues that this patient has had to deal with, the space between the back surface of the lens and the front surface of the irregular cornea is filled with sterile saline solution. In other words, the front of the eye is always in a moist environment.

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