Lasik over RK with Ectasia, Shown with Scleral Lens

This eye underwent 2 separate Radial Keratotomy (RK) surgeries followed by 2 separate LASIK surgeries many years later. A special camera and dye was used to obtain the first image you are seeing. The RK cuts are open which is why they “light up”. The straight lines are the open RK incisions. The green circular line going around the cornea is the open LASIK flap seam. These 4 corneal surgeries created a condition known as “corneal ectasia”. The 2nd image below is a computer enhanced diagram showing the elevations and depressions of this cornea. If this was a “normal” unoperated cornea what you would see here would be a continuous smooth curved surface. The dark red area in this image is the “ectatic” cornea. This patient is wearing a scleral lens over this cornea which is allowing this patient to see clearly and comfortably.

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