Lasik over Radial Keratotomy with Declining Vision now 20/20 in Each Eye with GVR Scleral Lens

The photo below shows our student extern, Jennifer Vicente, on the right and me on the left. In the center is our special patient, Frank. In the 1980’s Frank underwent Radial Keratotomy eye surgery. While Frank was able to see clearly for several years following the RK surgery, his vision gradually began to fail. In 2005, Frank had LASIK surgery done on both eyes. After this procedure his vision decreased rapidly in his right eye forcing him to undergo corneal transplant surgery in this eye in 2010. Frank visited a number of doctors over the years attempting to get fit with contact lenses without success. One month ago Frank visited our office. When first seen by us the visual acuity in this right eye was 20/350 and in his left eye 20/60. We fit both of Frank’s eyes with GVR Scleral lenses which are providing him with clear (20/20 in each eye) comfortable vision with all day lens wear without visual distortions. The first ocular photo shows the GVR Scleral lens over Frank’s eye with the corneal transplant. The 2nd photo is of Frank’s left cornea. A special dye (fluorescein) was instilled onto the ocular surface of this eye as a visual aid which is why the cornea appears green. Note the open “frowny-face” incision at the top of the photo and the open “smiley-face” incision at the bottom of the image. These incisions are still open 30+ years after the surgery was done. The purpose of these incisions was to eliminate Frank’s need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. I expect Frank to be able to wear his new scleral lenses for many years with excellent vision and comfort.

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