Lasik in 2000, Followed by Deteriorating Vision, now 20/20 with GVR Scleral Lens

This patient is a world renown professional photographer who underwent LASIK surgery in 2000. Several years later she began experiencing blurred vision which became progressively more pronounced as the years went by. Over the years she visited a number of doctors who prescribed different soft contact lenses for her to use. All of these lenses provided her with unstable fluctuating vision. When asked how she was able to take such beautiful photos she responded that it was a struggle but she managed to do it. Last year we diagnosed her with post-LASIK corneal ectasia and fitted her with GVR Scleral lenses. Since receiving her lenses she has had stable, clear vision with all day comfort. Her corrected visual acuity is 20/20 in each eye at distance and also up close. She can now see all of her camera settings and also do photo editing on her computer. Her vision is now stable in all lighting environments.

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