Lasik in 1999, Ectasia following Retreatment, Now Seeing Clearly with GVR Scleral Lens

The young woman in this photo underwent LASIK surgery in both eyes in 1999. In 2004, she underwent a 2nd LASIK procedure in here right eye, commonly known as an enhancement. Several years after her 2nd LASIK surgery, she developed corneal ectasia in both eyes. The multiple LASIK surgeries resulted in significant vision loss in both eyes which could not be corrected with eye glasses or any type of contact lens. Corneal ectasia develops when the weakened post-surgical cornea becomes very irregular and areas along the corneal surface protrude or “bulge” much like a keratoconic cornea. For a number of years, this patient was unable to see clearly with eyeglasses. In 2010, this patient underwent Collagen Cross Linking in an effort to strengthen her corneas. In 2011, she visited our office where she was fit with GVR Scleral lenses. These lenses provided this patient with clear vision and all day comfort. Last month this patient returned for a comprehensive examination. At this visit new lenses were provided to this patient which are still allowing her to see clearly and comfortably with all day lens wear. In the lower photograph you will notice 2 circular lines going around the right cornea (which was stained with a dye and photographed using a special filter). These are the 2 LASIK flaps created by the 2 LASIK surgeries.

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