Lasik Flap Separating from Cornea

This patient made an appointment to see me in an effort to get relief from the constant pain he has been experiencing with this eye for several years. He visited a number of eye doctors and several world famous eye institutions seeking help. Not one doctor or clinic was able to diagnose the LASIK flap becoming “unglued” from the underlying cornea.

In addition, the very outer layer of his cornea has a condition called “bullous keratopathy”. This is characterized by the outer epithelial layer of the cornea separating from the underlying corneal structures. This eye underwent 2 LASIK procedures about 10 years ago. Several years later a complete retinal detachment took place. This is now a blind eye, not even light perception. This patient was given a special scleral lens called the “Prokera” lens which utilizes stem cell technology to permit the eye to heal. After the lens is worn for 5 continuous days, this eye is expected to look better at which time we will provide this patient with a GVR Scleral lens to further promote healing and alleviate ocular pain. Sadly, it is not possible for this eye to regain any form of useful vision.

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