Lasik 2002, Failing Vision in 2008, Retreatment Followed by Ectasia, now 20/20 and 20/25 with GVR Scleral Lens

This is a photo of me with my patient Ahmed, who recently visited our practice from Doha, Qatar. In 2002, Ahmed underwent LASIK surgery in both eyes. In 2008 the vision in Ahmed’s left eye began to fail. Ahmed’s corneal surgeon suggested that he undergo another LASIK procedure or an “enhancement” to restore the vision in his left eye. 48 hours after having the 2nd LASIK procedure, the vision in Ahmed’s left eye worsened. When he returned to his surgeon, Ahmed was told that he developed keratoconus. Years later, another corneal surgeon made the diagnosis of post-LASIK corneal ectasia. Over the following years, Ahmed tried to wear a variety of contact lenses all unsuccessfully. In 2015, Ahmed was fit with hybrid lenses which provided him with quality vision but were very uncomfortable after just 2 hours of wear. Prior to having undergone LASIK surgery, Ahmed’s corrected vision was 20/20 in each eye. When Ahmed first came into our office his corrected vision was 20/30 with his right eye and 20/70 with his left eye (with distortions). Another doctor back home told Ahmed that the reason he could not see well with his left eye was due to “lazy eye”. Last week we fit Ahmed with GVR Scleral lenses which are providing Ahmed with clear (20/20 with his right eye and 20/25 with his left eye), comfortable vision (without distortions). While we are still making a few minor adjustments to Ahmed’s lenses, I expect Ahmed to be able to wear his scleral lenses comfortably for many years to come. Ahmed will never need to undergo any additional invasive procedures to improve his vision.

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