Keratoconus, then Cross Linking, then Intacs, then PTK

These are 2 photos of the same eye that was originally diagnosed with keratoconus. Collagen Cross-Linking was done followed by Intacs surgery. The plastic rings seen in the lower portion of these photos were surgically implanted into the cornea with the intention of making the corneal surface less irregular. After the Intacs surgery was done, Photo Therapeutic Keratectomy surgery (PTK) was done to treat a small blister-like defect in the center of the cornea. This procedure did not eliminate the blister but did create a large corneal haze over the central cornea that can be seen in these photos. The Intacs surgery had a minimal effect on the corneal irregularity. This eye was eventually fit with a scleral lens which is allowing this patient to see clearly once again.

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