Keratoconus Patient from Santiago, Chile 20/20 with GVR Scleral Lens

The young woman in this photo visited us from Santiago, Chile. For many years she has had poor vision due to advanced keratoconus.Over the years she tried unsuccessfully to wear soft lenses and various gas permeable lens designs. When she first came to visit us, her vision with her eye glasses was less than 20/200. In addition, she was unable function visually at night and in low light environments. Last year we fit this young woman with GVR Scleral lenses. With her scleral lenses she has clear (20/20) undistorted vision both at night and indoors. In addition, she is able to wear her lenses all day with excellent comfort. We examined this patient last week. Her corneas have remained stable and healthy since the first day that she began wearing these unique lenses. As long as she wears these health promoting lenses, this patient will never need to undergo corneal transplant surgery or any other invasive corneal surgeries.

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