Keratoconus Patient from Mexico 20/20 with Scleral Lenses

This patient recently visited our office from Vera Cruz, Mexico. For many years she suffered vision loss due to keratoconus. The doctors who she visited in Mexico had told her that she needed either corneal transplant surgery or Intacs surgery. Conventional contact lenses were very uncomfortable and she was unable to function with eyeglasses due to the blurred, distorted vision that eyeglasses provided. 4 years ago this patient first visited our office. At that time we fit her with GVR Scleral lenses. Over the years she has returned for periodic follow-up care. She has been able to see clearly (20/20 vision) with both eyes, with stable, comfortable vision with all day lens wear. In addition, this patient will never need corneal transplant or Intacs surgery. For the past 4 years her eyes have remained stable.

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