Internationally Known Author Bill Cortright 20/20 with GVR Scleral Lens

This is a photo of me and internationally renown author and speaker Bill Cortright. Bill is an expert in the field of wellness, anti-aging, weight loss and stress management and is the author of the best seller “The Stress Response Diet.” Bill was diagnosed with an advanced case of keratoconus by us about 8 years ago. Prior to visiting us, he was provided with a number of soft and rigid contact lenses which were not able to provide him with functional vision. All of the lenses provided to him prior to his initial visit with us were very uncomfortable and unstable on his eyes. At his initial visit, his corrected visual acuity was 20/60 with his right eye and less than 20/800 with his left eye. The keratoconus in his left eye is so advanced that no spectacle or contact lens was able to provide any semblance of functional vision. 8 years ago we fit both of this patient’s eyes with GVR Scleral lenses. With these lenses, Bill has been able to see clearly (20/20 vision in each eye) and comfortably with all day lens wear. Over the past 8 years, Bill’s eyes and corneas have remained stable and clear. It is my feeling that Bill will never need to undergo corneal transplant surgery.

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