“Global Cone” Fit with 20/30 with GVR Scleral Lens

This is a photo of a specific type of keratoconic cornea known as a “Global Cone”. This type of keratoconus involves the entire corneal surface unlike other forms of keratoconus that involve smaller sections of the cornea. Because this cornea is so profound and irregular, conventional gas permeable lenses placed on this eye will pop out or create a great deal of pain. Soft contact lenses will not allow this eye to provide functional vision. Several years ago, we fit this eye with a large highly oxygen permeable GVR Scleral lens. With the GVR lens this eye provides this patient with 20/30 vision. Without this lens, the best spectacle correction is about 20/800. This patient is able to wear her GVR Scleral lens comfortably for all of her waking hours.

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