Five Eyes with Permanent Haze from PRK

Below are photos of 5 different eyes that underwent photo refractive keratotomy or PRK. Look carefully and note the cloud or haze in the center of the cornea opposite to the line of sight. This haze is permanent and is caused by an inflammatory reaction within the cornea from the laser. The cloudy corneas seen here have reduced the visual acuity in these patients’ eyes. The risk of irreparable corneal damage from PRK is real regardless if it is “topography guided” or not. Also know that US or FDA approval does not signify a stamp of approval or the elimination of any risk of ocular damage. I am providing you with impartial information and have no financial interest in whatever you decide to do. This is not true of your surgeon. The best way to address your issues with glare, starbursts and halos is with a well designed and fit scleral lens.

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