Epithelial Ingrowth Highlighted with Fluorecein

These 2 photos are of the same eye. This eye underwent 2 separate LASIK surgeries 2 years ago. The first photo was taken after a dye, Fluorescein, was instilled onto the cornea. The photo was taken through a slit lamp with a special filter for better visualization. In the first photo note the green-yellow circular line going around the corneal periphery. This is the LASIK flap. Look carefully at the tinted blemish at 10:00. This represents “corneal ingrowth” where cells from the surface of the cornea (the epithelium) got underneath the LASIK flap and began to grow. Please understand that corneal epithelium does not belong under the LASIK flap. In the 2nd photo, this same eye is in a downward gaze so that I could capture a better photograph the epithelial ingrowth. The grey-white discolored area at the edge of the cornea is the epithelial ingrowth. This eye will have to be watched periodically for an indefinite period of time to make sure that these cells do not proliferate underneath the LASIK flap.

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