Chilean Patient Seeing 20/20 with GVR Scleral Lens

This is a photo of me with my patient Sofia, who recently visited our practice from Santiago, Chile. Sofia has an advanced case of keratoconus in both eyes. For many years she was unable to wear soft lenses or gas permeable lenses. With her prior lenses, Sofia was either comfortable with poor vision or uncomfortable with good vision but was never able to experience good comfort and excellent vision at the same time. In addition, Sofia was unable to function visually at night or in low light environments. 2 years ago, we fit Sofia with GVR Scleral lenses which enabled Sofia to see clearly (20/20) and comfortably once again. Several weeks ago, Sofia visited our practice once again to make sure that her vision and her eyes were stable. A minor adjustment was made to Sofia’s scleral lenses, however, Sofia’s corneas and vision have essentially remained the same as they were in 2014. Below are photos of the GVR Scleral lenses on both of Sofia’s corneas. Note how clear her eyes are. With the lenses that Sofia wore before coming to Miami several years ago, her eyes were always red and irritated. I expect Sofia to be able to wear her Scleral lenses comfortably and with clear vision for many years to come.

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