Astrid’s Keratoconus addressed with Scleral Lens, 20/20 Result

This is a photo of me with Astrid, my keratoconus patient who has been visiting our practice annually for many years from Guatemala. Besides having an advanced case of keratoconus, Astrid is extremely nearsighted and has been unable to function with eyeglasses or conventional contact lenses. Before ever coming to Miami, Astrid felt that her visual life had come to an end. Astrid was unable to do most of the activities that we all take for granted such as driving and playing the sport she loved so much which is tennis. About 10 years ago we fit Astrid with GVR lenses which restored clear (20/20) undistorted, comfortable vision to her once again. She is now able to do all of the activities she was unable to do before before traveling to Miami. Before coming here, Astrid was fearful that she would need corneal transplant surgery. Over the years, Astrid’s eyes, corneas and vision have remained stable. She is able to wear her lenses comfortably all of her waking hours. Astrid will never need to undergo corneal transplant surgery.

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