Advanced Keratoconus 20/20 with GVR scleral lens

This is a photo of me with Anthony, a patient with a very advanced case of keratoconus. Anthony was diagnosed with keratoconus many years ago. Over the years he was unable to wear any type of contact lens comfortably. With all of the lenses that Anthony was given prior to visiting our office, he was either able to see clearly but with great discomfort, or have excellent comfort but with poor vision. None of Anthony’s prior lenses gave him excellent vision while at the same time giving him good comfort. 7 years ago we fit Anthony with GVR lenses. For about 4 years he was able to see clearly and comfortably. Several years ago, Anthony’s left eye developed a condition known as “hydrops”. This is a condition that develops when the most posterior corneal membrane ruptures allowing fluid within the eye to enter the cornea creating a cloudy appearance. This condition can occur when the pressures within the eye against the weakened cornea causes a break in Descemet’s membrane, the most posterior corneal membrane. When this condition occurred, Anthony’s visual acuity decreased from 20/20 to 20/70. About 8 months ago, Anthony received a corneal transplant in this eye. We refit Anthony’s eye with a GVR Scleral lens which is now providing Anthony with clear (20/20) comfortable vision once again. In the first photo below, note the cloudy appearance in Anthony’s cornea. This is how his left cornea appeared prior to corneal transplant surgery. The grey-white dagger shaped appearance in the center of the cornea is the torn membrane mentioned above. The last photo shows Anthony’s transplanted cornea.

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