20/400 with Glasses Due to Corneal Ulcer, now 20/30 with GVR Scleral Lens

About 12 years ago this young man wore his soft lenses for an extended period of time without removal while he was away from home at sleep-away camp. When soft lenses are worn without removal for an extended period of time and without being cleaned and disinfected, the bacteria count within the lens will build and toxins from the bacteria will “eat away” at the cornea. What resulted was a devastating corneal ulcer in his right eye which scarred and severely distorted his cornea. For over 4 years, this young man had very little vision in his right eye, in fact he was legally blind with best corrected vision of 20/400 with eyeglasses. 8 years ago we fit this patient’s right eye with a GVR Scleral lens. With this lens he can see 20/30 in his right eye without any distortions and all day wear with excellent comfort. If it were not for this type of lens technology, this young man would have had to have a corneal transplant.

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