Eye Print Pro Following Chemical Explosion

I am presenting these images to demonstrate how a well designed and fit scleral lens can change a patient’s life. This is why I am so passionate about this technology and the work that I do.
These are photos of the left eye of a patient who lost vision due to a chemical explosion over 20 years ago. This explosion caused this patient to lose his right eye. Vision in the left eye is a work in progress. Recently, the left eye underwent a corneal transplant operation along with a glaucoma shunt procedure.
After cataract surgery last year, the eye continued to have no functional vision due to the extremely distorted ocular surface resulting from the chemical explosion and multiple subsequent surgical procedures. Restoring vision with a conventionally designed scleral lens was impossible. As such, our only option was the EyePrint Pro scleral lens (EPP), since this lens is specifically intended for the many eccentricities of the front surface of this eye.
An impression was taken of the ocular surface, then sent to a special lab where 3-D printing technology is used to make a high tech scleral lens. Every “hill and valley” of the ocular surface will be replicated onto the back surface of the EPP scleral lens. Based on the initial examinations, we expect this patient to be able to achieve at least 20/50 vision with the EPP scleral lens.
Patients like this very nice person make me want to come to the office every morning and never retire. I love my profession and love changing lives.

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