Prosthetic Scleral Lens

This is a photo of a prosthetic scleral lens over an opaque cornea. The lens is painted by hand to match
the natural coloring of the patient’s “good” eye. The paint is applied to the posterior portion of the lens and
then a special lacquer if applied to seal the paint. The lacquer is used only where the design is made (not in
the periphery) so as not to interfere with the oxygen permeability of the lens. The scleral lens is made from a
highly oxygen permeable material that is FDA approved. We use an artist to apply this paint by hand in order
to create a very natural look so that both eyes appear the same.

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GVR Scleral Lens over Highly Irregular Cornea

This cornea is so profound and it’s corneal surface so irregular that eyeglasses and conventional contact lenses cannot provide this eye with functional vision. The only lens technology that will provide this eye with functional vision is a 20 mm gas permeable GVR Scleral lens. With the GVR Scleral lens this eye has 20/25 vision. Without this lens, this eye has less than
20/800 vision.

Ocular Photos taken over the course of My Practice

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Photos with Patients

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Specialty Lenses and Unique Corneas

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