Inflamed Post-Lasik Cornea 6 months after Transplant

If you are considering a corneal transplant, I would like to present the following photos with a brief patient history. The photos below are of the same eye. The first photo shows an inflamed post-LASIK cornea with a condition known as "hydrops". Due to the poor vision caused by this event, this patient underwent corneal transplant surgery. The 2nd photo was taken 6 months after the transplant surgery. This eye was fit with a scleral lens which is allowing this patient to see clearly with comfortable vision for the first time in years. However, for about one year this patient must use topical steroid eye drops along with other medications to prevent rejection of the donated cornea. The possible side effects of using these medications include cataract formation and glaucoma. While this eye needed to undergo this surgery, it should not be entered into lightly if the cornea is not opaque and the ocular surface is relatively clear. Do your homework, ask questions and get multiple opinions before taking this step.