Scleral Lens over Lasik Ectasia with Intacs

This is a profile view of a scleral lens on an eye with post-LASIK corneal ectasia. Look carefully and you can see the Intacs plastic ring in the lower half of the cornea. This cornea is extremely profound and the Intacs did very little to address this condition. In fact, the Intacs made fitting the scleral lens more difficult. Eyeglasses and conventional contact lenses were not able to provide this patient functional vision with this eye. With the scleral lens this patient can see clearly (20/25) and comfortably with all day vision.

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EyePrint Pro

EyePrintPro technology creates a scleral lens based on a mold of the cornea. The molding is accurate to 1 or 2 microns and fits perfectly because it exactly mirrors the irregularities of the individual corneal surface. The technology is well suited for post-Lasik, Keratoconus, RK, eye injury, and corneal transplant patients. Read More in this PDF about EyePrintPro Scleral Lens Technology

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